Projects completed

Installation of ERM6.0 1.8 boiler and economizer with technical installations on system boiler room K-751

Investor: power plant

Timeline: 06/2018 – 10/2018

Location: Lubliniec

Scope of works:

We installed the ERm6.0 1.8 boiler and economiser with technical installations on the K-751 system boiler room as part of the construction of a coal-fired steam grate boiler with a nominal capacity of 6t/h on the K-751 system boiler room for our client in Poland.

As part of this implementation, the following actions were performed:

  • Dismantling of the OR16 boiler, testing of the boiler, pipelines and equipment around the boiler and flue gas ducts;
  • Prefabrication of the boiler supporting structure;
  • Prefabrication of flue gas ducts from the WS exhaust fan to the chimney with the flue pipe;
  • Prefabrication of a temporary structure to protect the roof structure after disassembly of the bay for boiler assembly purposes;
  • Assembly of the boiler support structure and adaptation of the foundations and level of the burner for the new boiler;
  • Installation of new boiler type ERm6.0 1.8 with ECO, fittings and necessary preparatory projects;
  • Assembly of pipelines with suspensions, flue gas ducts with insulation, coal chute and boiler testing.